Serving Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas, Osborne Construction offers 10 years of skilled experience in residential & commercial carpentry and 12 years in the construction industry.

Fully licensed and insured, Osborne Construction’s goal is to provide a reputation strong enough for referral through quality work & craftsmanship, exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction.
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Jacob Osborne

Jacob Osborne

Jacob Osborne is both the founder and CEO of Osborne Construction, established in 2015. While Osborne Construction may seem rather new, Jacob has spent much of his time acquiring a vast amount of knowledge in over 10 years of skilled experience in the trade of Carpentry on various construction projects at both the residential & commercial level. Prior to establishing Osborne Construction, one of Jacob’s most recent projects included leading skilled teams of journeymen carpenters in a foreman and supervisor role on the The Canadian High Arctic Research Station during its construction over the summer of 2015, and then again in 2016.

Jacob enrolled with Red River College’s Carpentry Apprenticeship Program in 2011. Through long hours of work experience with KMK Ventures and an eagerness to learn, Jacob was able to complete the program in under 3 years, just over 1 year earlier than the program’s designated time frame. Immediately after graduating the apprenticeship program, Jacob wrote for the Government’s Carpentry Final Exam and received his ‘Inter-Provincial Government Trade Certification’ with honorary top marks. The trade certification is a ‘Red Seal‘ Carpenter License and is recognized throughout Canada.

Jacob’s primary interest in the industry is contracting & new construction from frame to finish. Jacob enjoys bringing clients visions and dreams to reality, especially when it comes to additions/renovations, new builds, and cottages.

Check out some of Jacobs favorite new build cottages & renovations in Lake of the Woods, Ontario