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Open Concept Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are truly one of our favourite scopes of work. “Kitchens have a natural way of bringing people closer together. Whether you are cooking with your family or having a meal with your friends, you are opening an opportunity for connection. ”

We couldn’t relate more to this idea as our company completed our own large kitchen renovation in 2022 with two young toddlers under three. Complete kitchen renovations are not for the faint of heart, they require a great deal of planning, patience, budget and trust that the outcome will greatly improve your quality of living in your space and will one day be a return investment.

We begun the process of hiring Greenslade Bath|Kitchen|Details to both design and manufacture our custom kitchen. They specialize in offering kitchen, bath and millwork design solutions for your ideal space. From small scale renovations to new builds, their goal is to make great design accessible and achievable for everyone – to create beautifully personal spaces for uncomplicated living.

Kelly and the team at Greenslade worked closely with us to bring our dated, tiny and very closed off kitchen design to life, complete with a full scale 3D rendering that allowed us to see our project come to life before the Reno’s even begun.

Proposed 3D Rendering Provided by Greenslade – this really helped bring the vision to life for those like myself who can’t visual drawings.

Once we confirmed a design we liked the hard part begun …

One large structural wall needed to come down to make the existing dinning room & kitchen become one large open concept. Along with needing a new beam in place, all major plumbing & heating needed to be relocated. Imagine washing toddler Tupperware and dishes in the bathroom sink and bathtub for months, as mentioned, a major kitchen renovation is an all in project!

Wall removed, and new structural beam installed.
Hardwood Floors continued into the kitchen space, mudding & taping almost complete.

Cabinet Install Begins
Electrical being placed, the kitchen is coming to life.
Meeting at Greenslade to discuss final details and countertop selection. Their showroom is incredible and a must see while choosing your Kitchen and/or Bath Renovation experience.

Pictures of the Final Kitchen Renovation reveal are coming shortly …

Check back to see the final images of this beautiful Greenslade Kitchen Renovation. You’re going to want to see the before and after of this beautiful remodel, I promise!

We can truly say that it has already improved the quality of our life with our two young girls, family & friends. We host more dinners & parties, and the open-concept and large kitchen island serve as the focal point for our daily gatherings and communication. While there was a lot of exhaustion, patience, frustration, and make-shift meals that went into this labour of love, we can absolutely say it was absolutely worth the long haul and we would encourage anyone of our potential clients & families to stick out in order to reach your dream kitchen renovation goals.

Let Osborne Construction guide you through the experience, and transform one of the most utilized living spaces in your home into a focal point that brings family & friends together.

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